Top Typography Design Trends 2022

When it is about trends, it really doesn’t mean you have to necessarily follow them but if you don’t then there is success guaranteed. In case you do, your brand can reach heights of success. So what is it all about? It is certainly about diversifying your ideas so that the world is well-communicated regarding your progress and anything that you desire to bring to the forefront. In this instance, you will be witnessing some of the mind-blowing typography design trends 2022 in this blog; so gear up yourself for some brand engagement tricks.

Where can typography be applied?

Before you get familiar with the ways of enriching the brand with typography designs, you should know that typography is a type of font style that has a significant impact when it comes to content shed on the internet. In this regard it is used in a number of ways by avid graphic designers such as;

  • Comics
  • Books and magazines
  • Logos
  • Advertisement posters
  • Word mark and letters

Utilize the top Typography trends

If there is anything that you are planning for the coming year, include the addition of typography designs. First and foremost, as per research it is depicted that the implications of such styles can elevate the user experience on your social media or the brand website. For your ease, we have derived the top designs and looks that you may experiment and explore for your marketing purposes. Scroll the screen to unveil!

1.     The art of Letter Marks

The typography designs are not complete without the proper and most appropriate combination of letters. What does that mean? For instance, you are opting for a word that consists of five to six letters while a broad brand name is even bigger with a slogan. What you need to do is choose where you want to get it printed. Whether it is a poster or a notebook, if the chosen typography style does not align with the medium, you won’t be able to fully make use of this growing trend.

2.     Brand Values

Although typography can be worked upon using a list of shapes and styles, there is one thing that the designers must keep in mind and that is to keep their clients’ businesses in the loop. This means that the outlook should be based on the entire idea that favors the business values and also something that is trendy, attractive and engaging. Unfortunately, people with lack of understanding on this domain fail to impress the audiences and as a result, not only do their efforts go in vain but they are unable to give a sound outcome. If you are considering this option, formulate a robust alignment between the typography style and the messages depicted by the brand.

3.     Minimalism is the Key!

The secret to play typography designs perfectly is by being very minimal on this journey. This means when you intend to make use of typography then it should be considered that you have to go low on bold spaces and choose white space either in the center, or somewhere on the sides. As much as this sounds complicated, this really is not. All it takes for you is to put in extra effort to understand the sense of minimalism. If you think your creativity is lacking, try adhering to some experts, particularly the graphic designers and artists who would have profound information on such imperative decisions. At the same time you need to be mindful to compliment the lessening vibe with the most appropriate shapes of different sizes.

4.     Trendy Colors to Compliment

You would know there is a season for everything, even for the colors. In this light, when it comes to colors to let your audience engagement high, colors like yellow, green, cyan and magenta  can be popularly used to convince your group of viewers, and customers to be a few steps nearer to purchasing your goods or availing your offered services. Such colors when planned with the right type of typography font makes the whole look majestic and alluring. Besides, it enhances the readability factor for anyone who takes a glance at your content. If you don’t believe us, why don’t you try these when working on the templates and let us know how you like it!

5.     Bring back the old Vibes!

One misconception about being trendy is that you can’t go back in vintage days and we absolutely burst this. You can always radiate a vintage vibe and that is something massively predicted for the coming year. How do we say that? Well, especially when it comes to logos, you can easily incorporate a typography style and font into a personalized image. Or the deal has also become simple for the advertisements as well. All you need to input is that one creative, and groundbreaking and well copy-written and marketed line that has the ability to persuade the audience. As a result it would look simple yet fascinating within a few seconds! Give this trend a try for 2022 and you won’t regret.

6.     Sizes and Affects

One of the biggest impacts of a typography design on the audiences is also by the usage of certain sizes and the extent to which you are being bold with the words. For this year, it is said to go bold for the better. Undoubtedly the web traffic has increased exponentially because at least 40% of the web traffic is initiated with the query from a browser’s end. If your content does not seem very captivating to the audience then there won’t be views. In order to multiply the number of views you have to go bold so that you are far ahead in recognition than your competitors. At the same time, be fearless and don’t mind going big with the font. In fact, the experts have suggested opting for a big and bold mood when it comes to typography, a design which is something that will be immensely used in the coming year that is just around the corner; so bring your thoughts at pause.

7.     Paragraphs on Web Design

When it comes to web designing, the designers would know what sort of complicated and difficult task this can be. In order to combat that and give ease to your soul, did you know you can easily go for a typography style when it is about time to be working on your website? Well, lots of designs have caught our attention in the past and this is why we are emphasizing on this option like no other. Content composed with logical means in sets of mini paragraphs, can be utilized with typography font. The placement of content on the web page should be left up to you, however don’t forget that it is an essential part of designing too.

8.     Typography and the Lights!

The secret to making anything look beautiful, mesmerizing and flawless is through the use of light effects. With typography, you can do the same! All you have to do is indulge in keen research because if you are oblivious of any background know-how regarding this you may not end up with favorable outcomes. Again, it is on you what sort of affects you would prefer whether it should be static and motionless for your typography word designs or it may be rejuvenated with some videos or lightening and brightening effect.

The Key Takeaway

Trends have a swift nature, certainly they come and go but they do leave some patches behind and what you can do with those patches is to be inspired by a combination and come up with something creative, smart and customized. Remember, for a perfectly embellished typography trend to be established, there is not one but lots of factors one need to keep in account.